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This pump is successful in developing multipurpose tube pumps that can suck and remove any materials which are fluid in nature.

If you have any questions on the following items, we are ready to answer you and give to the quotation.

  1. Name of fluid:
  2. Volume (liter/minute):
  3. Releasing pressure – if you do not know the pressure, please inform the drawing of pipe condition and distance of removal.
  4. Running time – please write the operation time in 1 day and stopping time in details:
  5. Viscosity cp – please explain concretely if you do not know the viscosity:
  6. Fluid – sludge, slurry, liquid materials, soft materials, etc:
  7. Total mixture above and amount thereof:
  8. Temperature: , Specific gravity: , PH value:
  9. Sucking pressure, please inform the drawing of pipe condition or the distance of sucking if you do not know the pressure.
  10. Types of electric motors and source of electric power:
  11. Joining methods according to company’s standards consist of 3 methods, namely (one touch method, flange method, screw method). Please tag the type you want. Otherwise, write a method you want.
  12. Refer to nipple material of joining part of fluid (applied standard is SS-41).
  13. Field checking.
  14. Concrete test data.
  15. Loan machine for trial test exists.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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