Forward Reverse Control Ok! Our pump uses the peristaltic system which basically presses the inner tube on the two spinning rolls in the drum. This rolling pressure causes suction power and pushes the material forward. This process is similar to the way we press tooth-paste out from its tube

Our Pumps are designed to transfer a wide variety of fluids include high viscosity substances, sludge, slurries, and solids. The simple design makes maintenance and operation so simple that do not need an expert to run or operate our machines.


Our company, as a producer of industrial and construction pumps, has been growing rapidly since its conception, and has provided a considerable amount of contribution to any related social environment.

While continually expanding and maintaining our three pillars: construction, production and sales we also enjoy exploring more options and new industrial markets. So far, our market has proven stable and continually expanding.

We are committed to endlessly increasing our production quality and inject new technology to create advanced and high-value products to anticipate the future, where the flow of technology revolution continues to speed up.

We want to continue our effort in the pump industry, maintain our trust relation with our clients and become an international worldwide company

Masahiko Kawa

CEO of Kawa Machine
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